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"You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." - Wayne Gretzky

It started on a failed whale-watch in 2002. The failure wasn’t really the whales’ fault; they simply chose to frolic in unknown waters beyond Boston Harbor that day, to enjoy being free. So instead our eager boatful toured a quiet sea, wove through peaceful islands under a pristine sky, without the expected gasps and easy glee of cetacean entertainment. The day was meant for deeper thoughts than these.

On our way back to port, we passed the somber, steel monuments of the city’s historic cargo docks, and a strange compulsion overtook me. Within minutes, every roll of film I had disappeared in a flurry of shutter-clicks that still echo in my mind. I, who always preferred forests to highrises and rivers to carpools, was suddenly, inexplicably, obsessed with Cargo. Docks, storage yards, freight highways… where cargo lived, rested, or passed, my camera took me, and my palette knife followed.

I was baffled. Confused. Perplexed. I liked things to make sense; I liked to understand the story first. Fortunately, a wise mentor was present to advise me. “Just paint them,” he said. “If you paint enough of them, they will show you why.” Trust. Leap faithfully. Follow the whales.

A dozen paintings into the series, I began to understand; ten years later, I am still exploring them. And last week, after two years of silence, the photos began to beckon once more.

Leap faithfully.
Follow the whales.

More images at: http://dawnrevett.com/Cargo.html

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