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“I pull you from your tower, take away your pain. Show you all the beauty you possess, if you only let yourself believe.” -  Sarah McLachlan

I think it may have started in 1999, with a question, which led to another, as so many things do…

Perhaps something reminded me of the original fairy tale, or perhaps it was an article about the Rapunzel syndrome, but something made me wonder…  What if it hadn’t been the witch that locked Rapunzel in the tower? What if everyone was wrong… even the prince? What if it had been Rapunzel herself that had done it? If so, why? And what could possibly make her choose to leave it?

Soon after that the seeds of Elysium began to sprout. Or, if I describe it more accurately, Elysium found me. Stalked me. Pushed and tugged and pestered me, until I finally began to write.

I believe that there are many kinds of storytellers in this world. Sometimes the storytellers create the story, their very own thought experiment, and the journey is quite of their own making. I’m not that kind of storyteller. Instead, it feels like the stories find me; sometimes because I have asked a specific question, sometimes because I hum a note similar enough to their own that they believe I can hear them clearly, translate them accurately, and help them reach the people that they are looking for, or who are looking for them.

My responsibility is then one of fitness, rather than control. My role is to study the craft of writing, to keep my skills strong and flexible, and then be willing to be used. To let the stories reach inside me and take whatever they need to emerge. If they are angry, I must be willing to feel angry and observe how it feels, so that I can choose the right words. If they weep, I must weep; if they need to make mistakes in order to grow, I must relive my own such moments too… It is neither easy, nor comfortable; it can be as exhausting as it is rewarding. But I would not want it any other way; we did, after all, choose each other. We both have our selfish reasons.

This week I finished the marketable draft, ready for the eyes of agents and editors, of Elysium: Crown’s Folly, book one of the action-fantasy trilogy that first began stalking me in 1999. It did not take me that many years to write it, but it did take me that long to become who the story needed me to be. So that it had the right fuel, and could finally ignite.

The first six chapters are online, eager to meet you.

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